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About Connie

I was born in September of 1979 in Bronx, NY. I was one of 15 total children for my father and grew up with two sisters and both my parents in Westfield, MA. After high school I attended college but took a break at the end of 2001 prior to having my one and only child. My daughter who is now 22, is the founder of Off The Grass, Sadie. She is the reason I am on web 3 today.

The project Cancer Crusaders was created to help raise funds to help anyone battling cancer, including me. Recently after having many tests, doctors were able to pinpoint that I have cancer. A few tumors have been found in my abdomen as well as a couple of cysts on my breasts. I have also undergone genetic testing that recently revealed that I am positive for the BRCA 1 Gene, indicating that I have a very high chance of developing breast, ovarian, or pancreatic cancer.

Cost of Cancer

I have observed how the cost’s associated with the care needed to fight this disease affects families and how it can financially cripple people into ruins. Sadly, this has happened to me. The amount of debt I have accrued over the years for treatments or exams have significantly crippled me financially.

I come to all my Web 3 Community of friends and even those I am close enough to call family to help me continue this fight. I want to show what a community can do to not only help me, but to help others who need the support, whether monetary or just emotional support.

CCC Mission

I (Connie) have been very well informed about cancer since a young age, since my father constantly battled cancer while growing up. In 2007 I decided to join the nationwide event called Relay for Life sponsored by the American Cancer Society, to help raise funds for people like my father who battled this horrible disease. Eventually I went on to join the planning committee for this event and have served on it every year since then, until this year. My father unfortunately passed from Cancer in 2012 and I have multiplied my efforts to help raise awareness about this disease. Battling it myself has encouraged me to continue working towards spreading awareness, and that is how this project came to be.

All profits from sales of CCC items will be donated to Connie to help cover her expenses. Gnar AF loves to share and show it with ACTIONS!

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