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About Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is hidden deep in a lost cave.
For centuries, many have tried to harness the power of the garden for selfish reasons but have failed. The gnomes are known for living underground to hide from the dangers above but have never been able to settle down for long due to being invaded. The gnomes recently found this mystical secret garden deep
underground. When they discovered the true power held within the garden, they knew this was their new home. They devoted their lives to protecting this power and helping the garden flourish. For their good deeds, the garden has accepted
the gnomes and they finally feel like they have a home.

The gnomes know it’s only a matter of time before they will have to defend the garden. They will be prepared!

Secret Garden NFT Details

Our Gen 0 SGK collection is 128 bit pixel art available on The collection is a 1050 NFTs with 152 traits and 11 layers. Gen 0 will be used for gatekeep functions, staking and P2E for our first game, Battle
Blox Heroes.

Our Gen 1 SGK Gnomes NFT 2D art collection is hand drawn with exceptional details. You have to zoom in to see it all. We spent over 5 months meticulously creating this collection. It has 236 traits with 11 layers in a collection of 4100. Gen 1 is currently minting on This collection will be used for gatekeep functions, staking and P2E for our second game, coming soon.

The Battle Heroes Collection is an add-on collection to allow for more players to stake and play to earn for Battle Blox Heroes. It
will be a 5050 collection with different 2 pieces of art, a Mage and a Barbarian. It will have similar benefits to Gen 0 but Gen 0 will have more perks.

Secret Garden Goals

The Secret Garden goals are to build incredibly fun games from the most popular gaming genres as well as create amazing digital art. SGK is a web3 multi-game and NFT art project building on the ?????blockchain and running on a TBD network.

All SGK games will be free to play for everyone but play to earn for NFT holders. Our play to earn systems will be play to own using in-game upgradeable NFTS and risk to earn with tournaments. 

We also are building an amazing community of people who love games and digital art. Our community will be the backbone of the project and essential for our growth.

Join our discord to be part of the community. Also check out website to read our lore. Join the garden and discover all the secrets!

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