About NftCardRipZ

NftCardRipZ is a unique collection featuring 1000 football-themed NFTs. Immerse yourself in the excitement as we bring together the passion for sports cards and the captivating realm of blockchain technology. Among the collection, you will discover 15 exclusive VIP 1/1 NFTs, each a rare gem in its own right. The remaining 985 NFTs are carefully curated to represent the 32 NFL teams, making NftCardRipZ a true celebration of the sport we all love.

NftCardRipZ Seasons and Breaks Schedule

Season 1 of NftCardRipZ will span an exciting 1-month period. Get ready for action-packed bi-weekly breaks over the course of 4 weeks, totaling 13 breaks for each style break. Each week expect 3 breaks throughout.

At the end of Season 1, we want to ensure that every collector walks away with a treasure from our collection. Each NFT will be assured a break spot!

NFTCardRipZ Items

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