Salty Sharks Uprising

About Salty Sharks Uprising

Ready to sea-change?

Salty Sharks is paving a new and purposeful pathway through the world of Web3 by offering an opportunity for crypto-curious people to build bonds in a safe online community that helps them grow financially and make an environmental impact.

We’re sea-changers,
giving P2E a meaningful direction through world building and marine conservation.

SSU Values

Inspiring Change: We're tapping into our curiosity and sustainability to create a better future for all

Playful Nature: We use the element of excitement and play to drive education and create real impact

Community-Minded: We're family friendly creating an open and welcoming space for everyone to get involved

Salty Sharks Lore

Salty Sharks Uprising is set in an aquatic metaverse of a world where humanity, including the aquatic humanoids from the sunken city of Atlantis, have for too long ravaged their environment with complete disregard for the balance of the natural order. Pollution, over-fishing, increased salinity, marine life extinction have all degraded the environment necessary for a sustainable marine ecology.

Now, nature is fighting back. Led by the mystical and magical mermaids with their allies the sharks firmly in the vanguard, Mother Nature is no longer playing nice. The time of the Salty Sharks Uprising is upon us!

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