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About Sassy Soapology

The Shredding Sassy Character on our label, with its audacious attitude and edgy humor - isn't just another mascot; it's poised to be the
next big emblem in extreme and action sports' culture!

Drawing inspiration from
streetwear giants like Teddy Fresh, Amiri, BAPE, and Ripndip, The Shredding
Sassy team is crafting a character who resonates with the bold spirit of
adrenaline and pushing limits!

Bringing the Sassy Character to “Simply Soapology” was a no brainer.

The action packed community, high-flying vibes, and YEEEWWWW spirit is
something that we embody in our products!

What is Shredding Sassy?

Imagine a space where adrenaline-laced action sports merge onto the blockchain, where every kickflip or powder line is celebrated, and
where every member is an integral part of a global movement.

Shredding Sassy is
not just a brand—it's a rad community filled with Sassy Humans that shred!

Their innovative approach says nope to traditional business models and engages with everyone who becomes part of our community!

With Shredding Sassy, profits, decision-making, and ownership is shared
throughout the community.

Ask yourself: Do you shred?

Shredding Sassy Perks

These are just some perks of being in the Shredding Sassy Social Club!

Exclusive Access: Dive into events and experiences curated exclusively for our members.

Networking: Connect with fellow enthusiasts, industry leaders, and influencers in the action sports realm.

Special Discounts: Enjoy exclusive deals on our streetwear line, collaborations, and 25+ partner brands.

Learning: Access expert coaching, tutorials, and insights to hone your skills and techniques.

Sassy Soapology

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